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Create Broker Sales Process

Operations Manual

Sales and Soft Skills Training

Script Pack

Brokers Sales Aids

Take Lead (Salesforce, Hunt Group, Own Lead etc)


  • Introduce Yourself (Opening Benefits Statement and Disclosure)

  • Mini Fact Find (Assess the Clients Issue, Niche Questions, Mortgage Preferences) –Make Notes in Salesforce

  • Establish WHOLE Budget (Mortgage and Protection)

  • Discuss credit report

  • Discuss Fees and Data Protection Agreement (DPA)

Update Salesforce notes/ status, send CheckMyFile link (if required)

Send Insurances Overview (Through RL Marketing Portal)

Set up case on Mortgage Keeper (MK)

  • Key client personal information into MK

  • Key Mini Fact Find into MK

  • Key compliance info into MK

  • Key lead source (first note MUST reflect this) and admin details into MK

Produce Disclosure Document (DD) and Data Protection Agreement (DPA) in MK

Task Admin to send:

  • Data Protection Agreement (DPA)

  • Customer Journey Guide (if required)

Receive Credit Report (Task Admin to chase if necessary)

(Once Credit Report received)


Source Mortgage in Trigold

Generate Key Facts Illustration (KFI) in Trigold


  • Present mortgage recommendation (From KFI)

  • Book FULL Fact Find with customer on separate call (OR Book in for a separate call with Admin)

  • Explain Required Mortgage Docs and Required PDF Format (Income proofs, Bank statements etc)

Upload sourcing (Trigold) and KFI to MK

Task Admin to send (Digitally):

  • Document Shopping List

Update Salesforce notes/ status and MK notes/ status

Complete Fact Find in MK


Source Ideal World Insurance(s) (In Budget and Ideal) in iPipeline and save to MK

Update Fact Find with ideal wold information


  • Present Insurance Ideal World recommendation

  • Agree Protection plan (Ski down if necessary)

  • Explain Docs that will be sent from Create (Client Fee Agreement, Disclosure Document, Fee Waiver Agreement etc)

Update Salesforce notes/ status and MK notes/ status

Source protection as agreed with client (if changed) Save sourcing to MK

Conveyance Quote (If required)

Produce Ideal World Recommendation Email using template

Produce Protection Ideal World Letter and KFI(s) in MK – save to case

Task Admin to send (Digitally):

  • Client Fee Agreement (CFA)

  • Fee Waiver Agreement (FWA)

  • Disclosure Document (DD)

  • Ideal World Recommendation Document (IWR)

  • Protection Ideal World Recommendation Letter

Task Admin in MK to chase all client docs in 2 days time


(DPA must be in before a DIP)

Obtain Decision in Principle (DIP) with Lender

  • ACCEPT: Admin to package case on MK

  • REFER/DECLINE: Broker liaises with Lender

Update Salesforce notes/ status and MK notes/ status


  • Explain the outcome of DIP to Client – Name the Lender

  • Run through Protection provider and particulars of cover

  • Chase outstanding docs

  • Collect upfront fee – (take card details, call FAG, process payment)

Update Salesforce notes/ status and MK notes/ status – Add up front fee taken to commissions list in MK

Task admin to send client receipt of fees paid

Send KFI/DIP information (From lender website where possible) to client/ save to MK

Broker and Admin complete compliance checks on case, ensuring ALL docs/ activity completed (Check MK for chronology/ notes) – (NEW STARTS Also run through case with Ops Manager)

Fully submit Application for Mortgage and Insurances

Task admin to make post application checks/chasing

Update Salesforce notes/ status/ products/ fees and Update MK with notes/ status/ products/ fees

Broker produces (in MK) and sends Mortgage Reasons Why Letter (MRWL) and Protection Reasons Why Letter (PRWL)


  • Congratulate customer on mortgage offer

  • Buildings and contents referral/ Wealth management and pensions referral etc

  • Collect remainder of Broker fees

  • Seek referral business

  • Signpost Feefo link and task admin to send out review

Update Salesforce notes/ status and MK notes/ status

SERVICE CALL (After all legals – Day of completion)

  • Task admin to place insurance on risk (ideally on exchange)

  • Remind of policies and terms (including fee agreement)

  • Have you maximised all opportunities? – use your referral sheet

Update Salesforce notes/ status and MK notes/ status

Record Commissions in MK

Check through Ops Manager before marking case as complete


Get Further Support

Contact L&D and request training and support.

Thanks! Message sent.

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